Alliances are a diplomatic approach to Evony. They say you need a balance of war and peace to conquer the world!


There are five different positions in an Evony alliance. All members in an alliance start out as a standard member, they can’t do anything special in the alliance apart from quitting the alliance. If they quit they will loose 10% of their prestige, this goes for any type of alliance member.

The next rank in the alliance is the officer. They have the permission to accept new members to an alliance, but they can not promote any members to higher positions. They can also send out alliance invitations. There can be a total of 10 officers in an alliance, the total number of any kind of member in an Evony alliance is 100.

The presbyter is the third highest rank in an alliance. They can do all the same things as the officer can, and in addition they can promote and demote members. They can change the rank of any member up to presbyter. The term presbyter is kinda weird by the way, I’m not sure why Evony chose that term but actually it comes from the New Testament and refers to a leader in local Christian congregation. There can be a total of 5 presbyters in any alliance.

Every Evony alliance can have up to 2 vice hosts. In addition to the special permissions officers and presbyters have, they can also expel members and change alliance introduction messages. A vice host can also control diplomacy with other alliances, like declaring wars and making another alliance friendly. They can promote members all the way up to vice host.

The host is the leader of the alliance and there can only be one of them in any Evony alliance. The only thing the host can do which the vice host can’t is to assign another host. Being a host of an alliance in Evony can be a lot of fun, but also a lot of work.