1. I am sorry to say this, but this guide is a TOTAL nonsense... there's absolutely no good advice, the decisions are wrong, and the timeline is very slow

If you already know what Evony is, and I guess you do, then this article will show you what to build, research, and basically DO in your first seven days in Evony. Or in other words, this is the noob guide.

REMEMBER: You can do something from day 2 on day 1 if you have the supplies.

DAY 1 "Beginning the mission"

Build one sawmill and upgrade it to level two

Build two quarries at level one

Build a farm to level three

IF YOU HAVE SUPPLIES build town hall level 2.


DAY 2 "Strong Foundation and tax revenue"

Build town hall level 2.

Click on town hall, and select tax rate. Set to 20% and finish quest.

Build three cottages and upgrade each one to 2 (if you have supplies)

Build a barracks level one (if you still have supplies).

DAY 3 "Building up your army"

Build three cottages

Build a barracks level one

Build a ironmine

Upgrade your cottages (if you have supplies).

DAY 4 "Improving your army"

Build two more sawmills and two more quarries.

Build an academy

Upgrade academy until you can't any more

DAY 5 "Men"

Build academy until level 4

Set tax rate to 50%

Research military science to level 4 (if you can, if you can't - do it the next day)

Research archery if you can

Day 6 "Walls and Archers"

Build workshop (lv. 1)

Build walls (if you can)

Research military science to level 4

Research archery

Day 7 "Final Chapter"

Recruit 10 archers (finish quest)

Keep upgrading walls!

Keep upgrading town hall!

Day 8+


  • Feasting Hall
  • Market Place
  • Inn
  • Beacon Tower


You will start to catch the hang of it!